9/11 — Ten Years Later

9/11 — Ten Years Later takes a retrospective view of the United States to contextualise current global military and economic events. We see how the United States backed, funded and trained the Mujahideen in the 1980s at the direction of then-National-Security-Advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski; and how this gives rise to Osama bin Laden and the group known as ‘al-Qaeda’ as assets of the United States military-intelligence-complex, amid the context of the Cold War. Also examined is the sprawling establishment of weapons trafficking and the “opum trade,” facilitated by the United States and Britain; along with a vast clandestine financial network funding such operations—with banks such as the BCCI at the core. We see how the events of September 11 are used as a “catastrophic and catalyzing event—like a new Pearl Harbor” amongst the context of neoconservative imperialism at home and abroad, which still continues today.