After Truth

Andrew Rossi20201:34:33

After Truth: Disinformation and the Cost of Fake News

Particularly in the context of the United States, After Truth is about the growing proliferation of modern disinformation, where almost anybody with a computer and social media access can have a powerful platform without oversight, influencing the information experiences of billions of people. The disinformation they spread is usually borne out of a sense of opposition and is created in the knowledge that what is being perpetrated is indeed not the truth, but is done anyway, seen as being part of a “necessary information-war” arms-race—much like the paranoid thinking and culture of the Cold War. The melting pot is catalysed by Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, 4chan, and other websites that spread disinformation to huge audiences with a profit incentive, competing to capture everyone’s attention. After Truth asks the question about where all this is heading, by exemplifying events such as Jade Helm, Seth Rich, and Pizzagate, but also profiling some major and minor personalities involved in spreading disinformation, conspiracy theories, fear, and uncertainty. With an empire in collapse, and physical reality being increasingly replaced by popular postmodern theories of “there is only subjective truth,” this film not only presents the challenge of returning to what is real, but the task of stopping disinformation from continuing to divide, confuse, distract, and destroy.