Blindboy Undestroys The World

As one half of the satirical duo, The Rubber Bandits, Blindboy is renown for wearing a plastic bag on his head while dishing out sharp social commentary. In this series, using his unique mix of irreverent commentary, a band of undercover reporters, and playful humour, Blindboy sets out to investigate some of the most important issues of our time.


In this episode, Blindboy investigates the chaotic effect the Internet has had on society. He shows some of those who are taking advantage of Internet chaos, from “the fraud boys” who use social media to groom teenagers into money laundering, to the money-making schemes promoted online, but ultimately how algorithms, clickbait and hyper-consumerism combine to wreck reality.

In this episode, Blindboy investigates modern slavery, showing how the Internet has made slavery invisible, while it happens all around us. The programme investigates the sex trafficking that happens on streets just like yours, and goes undercover in car parks where gangsters auction trafficked workers to toil on illegal construction sites up and down Britain. Blindboy asks the question: How Many Slaves Do You Own?

In this episode, Blindboy investigates the problems millennials face when there are fewer and fewer jobs available, and why the concept of a “job for life” is dead. Also shown is the consequences of the “gig economy,” from men looking for sex exploiting vulnerable jobseekers, to employers who weaponise the start-ups and apps, all the way up to multinational tax dodgers.

In this episode Blindboy confronts anxiety and the unavoidable distress of being human in 2019. Together with a team of journalists, Blindboy looks at the men who try to take advantage of the vulnerable offering loans for sex, the ethics of the cosmetic surgery in the UK, and how “online influencers” are shaping and manipulating billions of people as corporate whores. Finally Blindboy shows how the so-called “online revolution,” particularly with so-called “social media,” leads to increased anxiety and depression by design.