Controlling The Web

In January 2012, two controversial pieces of legislation were making their way through the United States Congress. SOPA, the “Stop Online Piracy Act”, and PIPA, the “Protect Intellectual Property Act”, were meant to ‘crack down’ on the illegal sharing of digital media. The laws were drafted on request of the ‘content industry’ — Hollywood studios and major record labels. But websites reacted against the government to speak out against SOPA, and the bill was effectively killed off after the largest online ‘protest’ in history. But it was only one win in a long battle between authorities and online users over Internet regulation. SOPA and PIPA were just the latest in a long line of ‘anti-piracy’ legislation that governments have been pressing since the 1990s. Can and should the internet be controlled? Who gets that power? How far will the United States government go to control the Internet?