Cover Up

Nick McKenzie201343:25

Why did appointed officials of the Australian Reserve Bank and its employees break sanctions in Iraq and cosy up to Saddam Hussein through a frontman during the late 1990s, early 2000s and beyond? Why did a former Deputy Governor and other directors hand-picked by the Reserve Bank to safeguard its subsidiary companies from corruption, end up—over a decade—overseeing some of the most corrupt business practices possible? How did they allow millions of dollars to be wired to third parties in foreign countries—including a known arms dealer—in order to win banknote contracts knowingly using bribery and supporting corruption?

Cover Up speaks with two whistleblowers from the Reserve Bank companies who both independently reveal how they discovered bribes were being paid and how the most senior figures in Australia’s best corporate corruption scandal got away with business as usual. And even still, how the Australian Federal Police and corporate “watchdog” (the Australian Securities and Investments Commission—or ASIC) have been unwilling to investigate board members of the Reserve Bank companies, despite evidence that they are clearly implicated. It seems yet again, that big money is untouchable.