Derrick Jensen — Endgame

What if you live in the most destructive culture ever to exist? What if that culture refuses to change? What do you do about it? Derrick Jensen, the author of Endgame responds to these imperative questions and details how industrial civilisation and the persistent and widespread violence it requires is ultimately unsustainable—and what to do about it. Jensen weaves together history, philosophy, environmentalism, economics, literature and psychology to produce a powerful argument that demands attention.

Segment titles:

Introduction; Star wars by environmentalists; Apocalypse; Civilisation is not and can never be sustainable; Resources and exploitation; Traditional Communities; Violence and Hierarchy; The crash and the longer we wait; Economics; Some social stigmas, population and carrying capacity; Bringing down civilisation is not a monolithic act; Dependence on the system, exploitation; Identification with the system, discourse; Brining down civilisation, The dominant culture; Cell phone towers and working together, we need it all; Water; This culture is insane; Culpability and support networks; Space aliens story, would you fight back; Resistance; Questioning cultural conventions; Those in power rule by force; Love does not imply pacifism; Hope, being bound to unliveable situations; What’s it like to be you? What’s your threshold? Will you fight back? What are your gifts? What can you do? Are you willing to do it?