Thought Maybe is an entirely self-funded and independent operation, paid for by the site administrators, editors and sometimes contributed to by generous user donations. We don’t receive any outside funds, nor do we receive or accept money from corporate or government entities. We also don’t run advertising on our site as we find it repugnant, compromising and unwanted.

We do our best not to use nor support corporate-controlled “communication networks.” We run our own servers as much as possible, and maintain an independent software platform for publishing—insofar as it’s possible to do on the Internet of corporate-controlled gateways, and ISP companies. We recognise this is part of our conscious objection to ‘free’ publishing portals such as YouTube, Google, Facebook, etc; which fundamentally exist to spy on you for advertising, and manipulate content tailored to your behaviour. We’re vehemently opposed to these networks, which have hijacked and indeed sabotaged our political discussions, and as a result, we undergo numerous efforts to run our own independent operation where there’s no advertising, surveillance or filter bubble. This is where you can help.

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Bitcoins are a secure and anonymous digital currency which cannot be easily tracked back to you, and can be a safer and faster alternative to other centralised donation gateways such as PayPal.

There are many websites available to allow you to exchange other currency to and from Bitcoins to enable you to donate. There are also services available so you can trade goods for Bitcoins, for instance. Bitcoins are not subject to central regulations and as such, are gaining value and popularity. To learn more about the process, you can visit which is part of the Open-Source project, and the movement to change the way money operates in society.

Another good resource for Questions and Answers may be the Bitcoin Blockchain FAQ page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does my money go?

All donations and fundraising efforts go directly towards covering the costs for running our independent server network and publishing system. This specifically means funding servers, rental of storage space, redundancy, maintenance and bandwidth. These operations currently cost approximately $3000 per year with our current levels of traffic. All donations—no matter how big or small, financial or otherwise—are extremely valued and welcomed. All contributions are massively supportive to this project. Thank you for your support!