Facing Beauty

Ren Qi Ping202244:41

Facing Beauty examines the explosive growth of the plastic surgery industry, by looking through China’s beauty obsession and the social media influencers that are driving its mindset. A mobile app has captured the population by promoting an “ideal ratio in human facial features,” where users’ faces are assessed and given a score. The app then draws up plans for surgeries to lower that score, referring users to endorsed clinics, driving both non-invasive and invasive surgeries and procedures. Now, demand for those procedures is so widespread among the country’s youth population, it’s estimated the industry will be worth US$200 billion by 2030. This growth in the industry has led to an expansion of ‘beauty’ institutions that employ staff without adequate medical qualifications or protections, and even though some procedures have been banned and the negative health impacts shown, demand continues to increase at fever pitch.