For Love or Money

Made over five years, with contributions from hundreds of women and over 200 Australian films, For Love or Money is a pictorial account of women’s history in Australia over the past decades. The film chronicles the cycles of women’s gains and losses as they are moved in and out of the workforce according to demands of the age, revealing how women’s unpaid and voluntary work over the years has kept and continues to keep an entire system running smoothly, both in peacetime and in war. In this culture, women do the work that is never paid or still not even recognised as real work. This film shows how this system determines the kinds of jobs women do in the paid workforce—the low-paid, low-status jobs—and how women have fought and organised for equality and wage justice for over a century. For Love or Money remains relevant today as women continue the unfinished campaigns for equal pay, maternity leave and childcare, and still carry the major responsibility for caring and nurturing in the culture of individualism.