Generation Wealth

Generation Wealth is a visual history of the materialistic, image, and celebrity-obsessed culture, explored through the work of photographer and filmmaker Lauren Greenfield. Part historical essay, part autobiographical, Greenfield puts the pieces of her life’s work together to reveal the pathologies that have created the richest and most unequal society the world has ever seen. From Los Angeles to Moscow, Dubai to China, we hear the stories of students, single parents, and families overwhelmed by crushing debt, yet determined to purchase luxury houses, cars, and clothes. We see those who extracted extraordinary wealth and then lost big during the global economic crash of 2008, determined to power away again regardless. Celebrities and social media influencers speak about their worlds, as pornographers, advertisers, swindlers. Spanning consumerism, beauty, gender, body commodification, aging, and sex, Generation Wealth unpacks the global boom-bust economy, the corrupt American Dream and the human costs of capitalism, narcissism and greed.