Stop The Flows

Stop the Flows is a media project in progress to document resistance movements around the world that are working towards stopping the flows of oil and gas, minerals and other natural ‘resource’ extraction from within their communities, territories and landbases; as well as stopping the flow of the tremendous amounts of wealth generated from these destructive activities. This series aims to support and capture the many forms of organising, direct-action, protest and resistance movements throughout the world working to end mining, the oil economy, nuclear power and more…


This first dispatch for the project looks at how members of the Unis’toten nation are pre-empting the construction of 4 pipelines through their traditional lands and territories.

Part two focuses on the burgeoning anti-nuclear movement in Japan, following the disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in 2011. This dispatch provides only a glimpse into the world of people working to end nuclear power in Japan for good.