The Climate Wars

In the 1970s, acid rain and other ecological concerns were at the fore and it was at this time that climate change first became a pressing political issue. But the concern wasn’t global warming — it was the threat of a new ice age. So how did the scientific community manage to get it so very wrong?

Uncovered 30 years later, the secret government organisation known as “Jason”, produces the first official report on global warming in 1979. Fast forward to the mid 1980s and global warming had already become a serious political issue. However, it is not until the 1990s that the issue turns out to become one of the biggest scientific controversies of the age…


In the 1970s, the threat of an Ice Age was at the fore as climate change science became politicised. So how did the climate scientists get it so wrong and what started the political motivations?

In the 1990s, scientific arguments developed as global warming became the new thesis. This program takes a quick look at the sceptical arguments concerning anthropogenic global warming…

Looking at biggest challenges now facing climate scientists, just how can they predict exactly what changes global warming will bring?