The Genetic Conspiracy — Following the Trail

Is genetic engineering really dangerous? The manufacturers claim that genetically modified food “produces higher yields, fights world hunger, and reduces the need for pesticides.” But at what cost?

Following the Trail questions whether any solid testing has been done to determine the safety and risks of genetically engineered foods. Two key accusations: misinterpretations and disregarded data in the licensing documents of genetically modified soybeans and inadequate testing on animals for safety. Moreover, findings have surfaced in Argentina that “superweeds” have developed while growing Monsanto soy and other crops for the past ten years, thereby requiring prohibited stronger herbicides. Cows have seemingly died from eating Monsanto soy crops in the fields; Argentinians are nauseous from the herbicide fumes.

Following the Trail travels around the world to exam potential evidence to, at least, be wary of the safety of genetically modified food. To this day, there are no requirements by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada nor the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to label genetically modified food.