The Prize: The Epic Quest for Oil, Money, and Power

The Prize: The Epic Quest for Oil, Money, and Power is an 8-part series based on Daniel Yergin’s book by the same name, that captures the panoramic history of the largest industry in the world and traces it’s changing face over the decades. Each episode in the series focuses on an era of oil, from beginning to today; while examining the connections and ramifications of an industry that literally transformed global political and economic landscapes—while continuing to make its mark…


Trace the turbulent, rapid rise of the world’s biggest business; how a ruthless but visionary John D. Rockefeller controlled it; and how reporter Ida Tarbell took him on one of the most famous muckraking exposés ever. Our Plan examines Rockefeller’s controversial legacy, the rise of modern business and how Tarbell served as the role model for the modern investigative journalist.

Witness capitalism on a grand scale: how Shell Oil and Dutch merged, then challenged the supremacy of Standard Oil. This second programme examines how oil transformed everyday life in the farthest corners of the globe; made Russia a great oil power; and helped the allies win the first World War.

It’s the roaring 1920s and the magic of oil has touched everyone—from millions of car owners to hopeful Texan wildcatters. The American oil industry wrestles with shortage and surplus, as flamboyant entrepeneaur Calouste Gulbenkian stakes his claim in Iraq.

The untold story of the Second World War unfolds: how oil is dictated strategy to Hitler; how lack of oil slowed Japan’s war machine; how oil ultimately determined victory or defeat. Features rare footage on the critical impact of oil on decisive military events in recent historical memory…

Post-World War II America awakens to the strategic importance of oil and witnesses a key moment in history when oil production shifts from the United States to the Middle East. An extraordinary cast of characters; including Arabian kings, US presidents, British adventurers, Iranian politicians and American explorers; paint a global portrait of how oil has shaped the world economy and politics.

It’s the heyday of cheap oil, the dawn of the hydrocarbon society, and the introduction of a prosperous new car culture for Americans. Follow the heroes and antiheroes, plots and counterplots as the producing countries and oil companies challenge the Seven Sisters — and open a new era in world oil.

Relive two decades of upheaval that shook the world and changed our lives as power shifted, and nations and companies jockeyed for position amidst more embargoes, shortages and surpluses. A unique view of the rise of the OPEC era is presented, beginning with the British withdrawal from the Persian Gulf; ending with the burning of oil wells in Kuwait.

The Gulf War marked the beginning of a new era for the global hydrocarbon society. This final programme explores the relation of oil and environmental conscience and the technological race to balance energy, economic and ecological needs in the Information Age.