The Secret Government

Bill Moyers19871:26:30

The Secret Government, as its title suggests, is essentially an investigation into the processes, plans, operations and persons responsible for systemic abuses of power at senior levels of the United States government during the 1980s. The film covers multiple covert operations and secret projects, but takes a particular focus on the Iran–Contra affair of 1986, where Ronald Regan secretly facilitated the illegal sale of arms to Iran—which was the subject of an arms embargo at the time—to support a right-wing terrorist group called “The Contras,” and also make obscene profits from the sale of such weapons. Along with the setting up of covert actions by the CIA in Nicaragua, Iran, Guatemala, Cuba, Vietnam and Chile, and funding the Contras directly, the Whitehouse enlisted the services of a project called “The Enterprise” which was a group of companies specifically gathered to manage and control the Iran-Contra project to obfuscate government involvement, for plausible deniability. This allowed the Contras to commit a large number of human rights violations, and carry out more than 1,300 terrorist attacks, directly supported by the United States government, all in the name of “ridding communism” and serving the national interest of the United States. Transported to the political happenings of today, The Secret Government is a call to remember history, and see that mass profits from weapons dealing running covert/secret wars were a reality then, and now, as well as to reveal just how far institutionalised propaganda and obfuscation works to conceal these home truths, still generations later.