Weapons of Mass Surveillance41:57
Pretty Slick1:10:52
Project Censored1:03:04
Shadows of Liberty1:28:52
Salmon Confidential1:09:10
Palestine Is Still The Issue52:49
Power, Propaganda and the Silence of Writers54:54
Control Room1:26:31
Peace, Propaganda and The Promised Land1:19:14
The Corporation2:24:03
Taking Liberties Since 19971:41:04
Truth, Lies and Intelligence47:16
About Woomera59:09
Enemy Image1:23:46
Breaking The Silence51:57
Paying The Price, Killing The Children of Iraq1:15:04
Outfoxed — Rupert Murdoch’s war on journalism1:17:43
Who Killed The Electric Car?1:32:27
Operation Saddam — America’s Propaganda War50:53
Kill The Messenger52:04
Fallujah — The Hidden Massacre27:12
The Tank Man53:09
Hacking Democracy1:21:45
The Power of Nightmares
The Sydney Hilton Hotel Conspiracy58:37
Beyond JFK: The Question of Conspiracy1:30:01