Over 181:14:46
Generation Wealth1:45:45
YouTube, YouTubers and You44:57
The Illusionists53:50
The Empathy Gap1:10:02
Growing Up Trans1:23:24
Sugar Coated57:28
The Mask You Live In1:31:46
Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine2:08:13
Play Again1:20:32
Girl Model1:17:19
Generation Like53:04
Made in Bangladesh25:01
Sex and Survival in Madagascar16:41
Child Sex Trade USA58:25
Feeding Frenzy1:03:16
Human Resources1:59:23
Cloning The First Human48:42
Who’s Afraid of Designer Babies?48:42
Sexy Baby1:23:04
Sext Up Kids43:51
It’s a Girl1:03:33
Mea Maxima Culpa1:46:18
Returning Fire44:30
The Medicated Child55:08
Consuming Kids1:06:04
The Bro Code55:41
The Great African Scandal47:39
The Dark Side of Chocolate46:31
Jesus Camp1:24:33
The New Rulers of The World53:54
America the Beautiful1:43:26
Agent Orange: A Personal Requiem1:09:45
Generation M59:40
Child Slavery1:29:41
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