Can’t Get You Out of My Head
Coded Bias1:25:32
The Social Dilemma1:33:21
The Big Data Robbery49:39
In the Age of AI1:53:50
The Facebook Dilemma
Algorithms Rule Us All45:25
Stare Into The Lights My Pretties2:08:21
Nothing to Hide1:25:49
What Makes You Click46:36
Everything’s Under Control1:33:01
The Hacker Wars1:31:20
Terms and Conditions May Apply1:20:02
The Program8:21
All Watched Over By Machines of Loving Grace
The Virtual Revolution
Erasing David1:19:45
For Your Eyes Only?23:13
Taking Liberties Since 19971:41:04
Spying On The Home Front55:23
The Trap
Suspect Nation47:08
Hacking Democracy1:21:45
The Secret History of the Credit Card53:29
Pandora’s Box