Cambodia — The Betrayal51:02
Outfoxed — Rupert Murdoch’s war on journalism1:17:43
The Revolution Business27:36
The Persuaders1:23:06
Requiem for the American Dream1:12:39
In Australia50:41
The Power of Nightmares
Freedom Riders1:52:05
The War You Don’t See1:36:46
Mr Nixon’s Secret Legacy26:50
The Century of The Self
Persons of Interest
Not Just a Game1:01:15
Nicaragua — A Nations Right to Survive52:34
The Brussels Business1:25:20
It Felt Like A Kiss54:00
Documenting Hate
Cambodia — Return to Year Zero51:20
Peace, Propaganda and The Promised Land1:19:14
Oh Dearism6:16
Alt-Right: Age of Rage1:45:00
Street of Joy25:52
Truth, Lies and Intelligence47:16
Power and Terror: Noam Chomsky in Our Times1:11:29
Richard Nixon — Paranoia and Moral Panics6:30
The Great Hack1:53:07
Murdoch’s Scandal52:28
Pandora’s Box
Imperial Grand Strategy3:40:02
The Fuck-It Point42:46
Media and War — Challenging The Consensus15:41
Power, Propaganda and the Silence of Writers54:54
Oh Dearism II5:08
Perfect Storm — The England Riots29:12
Breaking Australia’s Silence — WikiLeaks and Freedom17:46
Flying The Flag, Arming The World50:02
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