Blindboy Undestroys The World
Born Into Brothels1:23:21
Child Sex Trade USA58:25
Child Slavery1:29:41
Children of War1:15:01
China’s Dirty Secrets24:55
Corporations On Trial
Fashion Victims42:25
Firestone and the Warlord1:23:16
For Love or Money1:44:45
Free Trade Slaves51:58
Inside Burma — The Land of Fear51:06
Made in Bangladesh25:01
Nicaragua — A Nations Right to Survive52:34
Santa’s Workshop32:44
Servant or Slave57:15
Sex and Survival in Madagascar16:41
Sex Slaves: An Account of Human Trafficking56:39
Slavery — A 21st Century Evil
Slavery: A Global Investigation1:17:57
Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine2:08:13
The Corporation2:24:03
The Dark Side of Chocolate46:31
The End of Poverty?1:45:01
The Great African Scandal47:39
The New Rulers of The World53:54
The True Cost1:31:49
The Virgin Trade54:59
The War at Home
Welcome to Sodom1:31:37
What Would Jesus Buy1:31:07
Who Pays the Price?9:31
Whores’ Glory1:59:25
Why Slavery Still Exists49:43