The Secret World of Tinder46:31
The Society of the Spectacle1:14:40
The Fourth Estate1:19:51
The Industry of Fake44:17
The Outrage Machine12:29
Generation Wealth1:45:45
The Rise of Jordan Peterson1:30:39
Beyond Good & Evil39:03
Recorder: The Marion Stokes Project1:27:32
What Makes You Click46:36
The Social Dilemma1:33:21
After Truth1:34:33
Returning Fire44:30
The Trump Show
We Live In Public1:28:41
The Illusionists53:50
Can’t Get You Out of My Head
TV Family55:31
Dial H-I-S-T-O-R-Y1:07:43
Advertising at the Edge of the Apocalypse1:00:58