US Foreign Policy — The War Against The Third World

US Foreign Policy — The War Against The Third World is a video compilation series of 10 segments about CIA covert operations and military interventions since World War II.


Part 1 — Martin Luther King, Jr.
Martin Luther King, Jr. the civil rights advocate who spoke out against the war in Vietnam. Was he assassinated because he criticised the governments’ involvement there and other regions of the world?

Part 2 — John Stockwell, former CIA Station Chief
Former CIA Station Chief in Angola 1975 working for then Director of the CIA, George Bush. A 13 year veteran of the agency, Stockwell provides a short history of the CIA, estimating 6 million people have died as a direct consequence of the agency’s covert operations since its inception in 1947. This talk was given in the late 1980′s.

Part 3 — Cover Up: Behind the Iran-Contra Affair
Excerpt from documentary of same name. “The Iran-Contra scandal is not an aberration of US foreign policy. It has been estimated that between 20-30,000 Nicaraguan men, women and children were killed in US sponsored terror conducted by the CIA backed Contra forces.”

Part 4 —School of Assassins
The School of the Americas, located at Fort Benning, Georgia — a terrorist training school in the United States where soldiers from Central and South America are trained in the art of torture and assassination. This school has since officially been renamed “Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation.”

Part 5 — Genocide by Sanctions
Excerpt of documentary by same name from 1998, long before the current invasion of Iraq, this film features former Attorney General of the United States, Ramsey Clark, as he shows the terrible conditions the Iraqi’s were suffering from due to the first US invasion in Iraq. UNICEF, the International Red Cross and other world organisations estimate around 5,000 children were dying every month in Iraq after the invasion and the imposition of sanctions placed on that country. Over 1.5 million Iraqi’s died as a result of the sanctions alone. Ramsey Clark goes into the hospitals and talks with Iraqi doctors, who say many of these deaths could have been prevented if they had medicine to give to the children. The United States bombed out their way of life, their water treatment facilities, food delivery systems, sewage treatment facilities, electrical systems, their mass communication facilities and more. US citizens were lead to believe that this was a good thing.

Part 6 — Philip Agee, former CIA Case Officer
Philip Agee spent 13 years in the CIA before resigning in 1969. His book “Inside the Company: CIA Diary” was first published in 1975 and has been translated in to 27 languages. It was a best seller world-wide. His autobiography, “On The Run” was published in 1987. In this speech given in 1991 after the first Gulf War, Agee analyses why the US invaded Iraq. He also describes “the war against the third world” as being fought for the natural resources, the labour and the markets of these third world countries the United States invaded either overtly or covertly since the end of World War II.

Part 7 — Amy Goodman: CIA Sanctioned Mass Genocide
Journalist and host of Democracy Now, Amy Goodman talks about two genocides Indonesia committed, first against its own people in 1965 and then against the people of East Timor in 1975. Both of these mass slaughters were sanctioned by the United States government and aided by the CIA. This excerpt includes scenes from a film Bitter Paradise.

Part 8 — The Panama Deception
Excerpt of documentary of the same name, tells the untold story of the December 1989 US invasion of Panama. The United States military deliberately attacked and destroyed primarily residential neighbourhoods, killing an estimated 3 to 4 thousand people in the process. This segment exposes the role the US government and the mainstream media play in suppressing information about US foreign policy. Includes raw footage of the invasion.

Part 9 — Ramsey Clark, former US Attorney General
Former Attorney General of the United States speaking in 1998 in Los Angeles about US foreign policy.

Part 10 — S. Brian Willson, Vietnam Veteran and Peace Activist
Talk by Brian Willson, Vietnam veteran who in 1987 lost both his legs when run over by a munitions train at the Concord Naval Weapons Station, in California. The bombs and munitions aboard this train were bound for Central America. Brian talks of his experience and advocates peace…