Addicted to Porn47:19
The Planet1:20:54
Child Slavery1:29:41
The Great African Scandal47:39
What A Way to Go: Life at the End of Empire2:03:17
War Made Easy1:10:15
Good Cop, Bad Cop45:05
Don’t talk to the Police48:39
Burning The Future1:29:35
Addicted to Plastic1:26:15
Flow—For The Love of Water1:23:32
The World According to Monsanto1:49:01
The Story of Stuff21:30
Militainment Inc.2:04:16
Up the Yangtze1:33:27
Loose Change1:38:35
9/11 Mysteries1:30:56
Good Copy, Bad Copy58:46
Stretching The Law41:45
Dirt — The Movie1:20:24
Lethal Force45:10
The Idiot Cycle1:36:19
A Farm For The Future48:38
The Shock Doctrine1:18:37
Blue Gold — World Water Wars1:29:40
The Cove1:30:36
Pig Business51:08
Pax Americana1:25:13
Plastic Planet1:39:06
The Gruen Effect53:42
The Codes of Gender1:12:37
Breaking The Bank54:27
Poisoned Waters1:48:02
Introduction to Permaculture1:18:57
Greening The Desert36:33
Oh Dearism6:16
Erasing David1:19:45
Who Killed Mr Ward45:20
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