The War of Words Down Under29:40
The Battle for Orgreave52:32
Nicaragua — A Nations Right to Survive52:34
The Search For Truth In Wartime52:30
The Truth Game1:19:03
Home on The Range53:44
The Mexicans52:11
Cambodia — Year One51:13
CIA Drug Trafficking1:09:06
Why We Fight1:39:04
Fire and Water28:46
Payback Time42:43
Do You Remember Vietnam?52:28
An Unjustifiable Risk26:27
A Faraway Country26:51
Pyramid Lake Is Dying26:10
Street of Joy25:52
In Australia50:41
Zap! The Weapon Is Food25:30
Mr Nixon’s Secret Legacy26:50
An Unfashionable Tragedy27:01
To Know Us Is to Love Us27:00
A Nod and A Wink26:37
One British Family27:02
Vietnam — Still America’s War26:42
Guilty Until Proven Innocent28:40
Thalidomide: The Ninety-Eight We Forgot25:51
Growing Up Female49:30
The Murder of Fred Hampton1:28:58
Vietnam — The Quiet Mutiny26:19
The Milgram Experiment — Obedience44:41
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