The New Rulers of The World53:54
Fracking Hell — The Untold Story15:27
The Idiot Cycle1:36:19
Dirty Energy1:33:56
How Many People Can Live On Planet Earth?58:12
The Garden1:19:36
China’s Dirty Secrets24:55
Banking Nature1:26:39
The Gas Rush43:24
Gasland Part II2:05:02
Above All Else1:35:44
The Story of Cap and Trade09:56
Dirty Oil1:15:49
Fukushima Fallout24:55
Black Wave51:59
Sea of Life1:28:10
The Story of Stuff21:30
The Crisis of Civilization1:17:29
Village of The Damned25:03
No Where Here in the Middle31:47
Planet of the Humans1:39:26
The Hidden Life of Garbage19:13
Casualties of The Boom43:50
Stop The Flows
Consumerism and the Limits to Imagination41:56
Who Killed The Electric Car?1:32:27
Just Do It — A Tale of Modern-Day Outlaws1:30:17
Bikpela Bagarap42:20
Chasing Ice1:14:45
Surplus — Terrorised Into Being Consumers51:18
Poison Fire28:40
The Big Dig25:00
Forget Shorter Showers11:22
The Coconut Revolution52:53
The Sky Is Pink18:33
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