Standing on Shaky Ground25:27
Deep Trouble48:56
Fight For Country49:53
BP — In Deep Water48:21
An Unjustifiable Risk26:27
Toxic Imperial Valley48:01
Igniting The Revolution19:35
Fukushima Fallout24:55
Chernobyl Heart38:38
Great Barrier Grief45:49
Casualties of The Boom43:50
Poison Fire28:40
Pyramid Lake Is Dying26:10
Call of Life — Facing the Mass Extinction1:19:59
Play Again1:20:32
The Gállok Rebellion31:50
Forget Shorter Showers11:22
The Age of Aluminium1:30:00
The Idiot Cycle1:36:19
Earth at Risk
Battle for the Reef43:15
Black Wave51:59
Planet Earth — The Future
Bikpela Bagarap42:20
Poisoned Waters1:48:02
Food or Famine1:32:29
Exporting Harm23:03
Atomic Footprints14:04
King Corn1:30:07
Cursed for Gold1:26:24
No Where Here in the Middle31:47
Sweet Crude1:33:02
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