Smartphones — The Dark Side29:05
Amazon — What They Know About Us58:29
The Outrage Machine12:29
Beauty’s New Normal41:53
The Social Dilemma1:33:21
Sugar Coated57:28
The Facebook Dilemma
Beauty Mark53:06
The Truth About Killer Robots1:19:30
Childhood 2.01:28:35
Feeding Frenzy1:03:16
Generation Wealth1:45:45
The Price of Pleasure — Pornography, Sexuality & Relationships56:53
Facing Beauty44:41
Pack of Lies38:14
Over 181:14:46
Addicted to Porn47:19
The Antidepressant Story44:59
Remote Control37:38
Burned: Are Trees the New Coal?1:14:24
Porn on The Brain47:23
Facebook: Cracking the Code41:30
Algorithms Rule Us All45:25
Love Child1:13:39
What Makes You Click46:36
Public Figure1:06:34
Web Junkie1:09:12
Stare Into The Lights My Pretties2:08:21
In Pursuit of Silence1:20:15
Play Again1:20:32
YouTube, YouTubers and You44:57
Banking Nature1:26:39